Monday, March 13, 2006

'Little Bird Flying Off To Tell Mum'

1998 Linoprint. 34cmW x 21cmH. $125


1998 Collograph. 16cmW x 31cmH. $75


1998 Pencil & Watercolour. 17cmW x 21cmH. $75

'Boy After Freud''

1998 Collograph. 15cmW x 19cmH. $75

'Friendly Face 1'

1998 Pencil, Ink, Conte & Watercolour. 24cmW x 27H. $135


1998 Collograph. 185cmW x 300cmH. $75

'Crescit Eundo'

'It grows as it goes'
1998 Collograph. 16cmW x 19cmH. $75


1998 Drypoint Etching. 15cmW x 23H. $75

Sunday, March 12, 2006

"George Lamb'

Quote: "All people have their blind side, and heard her declare, under the rose, that hearts were her favourite suite." George Lamb (1775-1834).
1998 Linoprint. 25cmW x 28cmH. $125


1998 Monoprint. 30cmW x 40cmH. $95


1998 Collograph. 20cmW x 26H. $75


Awatchi means 'waiting'.
1998 Aquatint. 21cmW x 23H. $65

'Contemplation of Seperation'

This is a bit of a rant. Let's just say I was having trouble with one of my little blossoms after the divorce. All good now. Good then, you know, spirited and gutsy. Had to admire that...

1998 Drawing with pencil & conte. 30cmH x 27cmW. $175